Follow the Money With Kathleen Warnock: Todd Ricketts and 45 Committee

Kathleen Warnock is a playwright, editor, and journalist. This is a repost of a series she is researching and posting on Facebook.

It took about 5 minutes of Googling for me to discover that:

45 Committee is a PAC that spent $21 million for Trump/against Hillary. They are currently running ads for the confirmation of Jeff Sessions for Attorney General.

Todd Ricketts (son of the founder of Ameritrade, and on the board of the Chicago Cubs) was originally #nevertrump but joined 45 Committee as a donor & fundraiser in the last few months of the campaign.

He’s been appointed as Deputy Secretary of Commerce by Bizarro President.

Also involved in the 45 Committee is LV billionaire Sheldon Adelson:

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