Organizations to Support

This is a list of organizations, from mainstream to very grassroots, that could use your support.

We make no endorsements and encourage you to be thoughtful about how you donate your money. Keep in mind that local grassroots organizations may struggle, could lose funding, and might have less access to wealthy donors who can help fill the gap.

While one time donations are great, ongoing donations are even better! Becoming a sustaining (monthly) donor means an organization can rely on your donation, which translates into better long-term planning and sustainability.

Want to learn how to fundraise? Here’s one place to start: Fundraising Guide by the Foundation Center.

Finding organizations

Charity watchdogs

Progressive organizations

  • Americans for the Arts: advocacy for the arts. (United States)
  • ConnectionsForArt: provides an artist registry and connects people in the visual arts professions. (New Jersey)
  • Public Art Fund: displays contemporary art in public spaces through free-of-charge exhibitions. (New York City)
  • Sins Invalid: performance project that incubates and celebrates artists who are disabled, people of color, and/or part of the LGBTQ+ community. (San Francisco Bay Area)
  • United Arts Funds (UAFs): raise money to provide grant to local arts institutions in the community. (United States)
Civil rights
Criminal justice
  • The Abolitionist Action Committee (AAC): aims to abolish the death penalty & support alternatives. (United States)
  • BreakOut: fights criminalization of LGBTQ+ youth. (New Orleans)
  • Center for Policing Equity: supports data-driven & evidence-based policy change in law enforcement. (United States)
  • Drug Policy Alliance: advocates for reform of drug policy & legal penalties related to drugs. (International)
  • Equal Justice USA: aims to build “a justice system that is the solution rather than the problem”. (United States)
  • Impact Justice: investigates ways to reduce incarceration & advocates for restorative justice. (United States)
  • Justice for Families: fights for the end of youth incarceration and for the transformation of juvenile justice systems. (United States)
  • Justice Now: works with those in women’s prisons; aims to build a safe & compassionate world without prisons. (California)
  • LGBT Books to Prisoners: sends books & other educational materials, free of charge, to LGBTQ+ prisoners. (United States)
  • Measures for Justice: supports data-driven assessment & analysis of the criminal justice system. (United States)
  • Survived and Punished: fights criminalization of domestic & sexual violence survivors. (United States)
  • Transgender, Gender Variant & Intersex Justice Project (TGIJP): supports currently & formerly incarcerated transgender, gender variant & intersex people. (United States)
Crisis intervention
Emergency aid
End-of-life care
  • Aging with Dignity: provides tools for people to discuss, and to plan for, end-of-life care. (United States)
  • The Conversation Project: helps people to decide, and to express, their wishes for end-of-life care. (United States)
  • 350: grassroots movement to build a more sustainable world, protect the environment & fight climate change. (International)
  • Citizens’ Climate Lobby: advocates for & organizes to support solutions to climate change. (International)
  • Green Burial Council: provides education, certification, and support for green burial. (United States)
  • Greenpeace: advocates for the environment. (International)
  • Jersey Renews: advocates for the environment. (New Jersey)
  • Rising Tide North America: grassroots network for “confronting the root causes of climate change”. (North America)
  • Sierra Club: advocates for the environment. (United States)
Family planning
Fighting hate & bigotry
  • ExitUSA: help for those who would like to leave the “white power movement”. (United States & Canada)
  • EXIT-Germany / EXIT-Deutschland: help for those “who want to leave the extreme right-wing movement”. (Germany)
  • Hope Not Hate (HnH): provides research, education & resources to advocate for minority & immigrant communities, promote diversity & inclusivity, and fight hate. (United Kingdom)
  • Life After Hate: support for former members of extremist, far-right, racist and/or violent hate groups. (United States)
  • Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC): fights hate & bigotry; seeks justice for vulnerable members of society through litigation, education & advocacy. (United States)
Food security
  • Bread for the Day: advocates to fight hunger. (United States)
  • Farming 4 Hunger: grows and distributes locally grown fresh food to people in need. (Maryland)
  • Feeding America: network of food banks & food pantries; provides hunger relief. (United States)
  • Feeding Children Everywhere: packages & delivers healthy meals to those in need. (United States & International)
  • Food Connect: food rescue & local distribution network; directs surplus food to local shelters. (Philadelphia)
  • Food Recovery Network: student movement; recovers perishable food & donates to people in need. (United States)
  • The Gleaning Network of Texas: gathers surplus food produce & distributes these to those in need. (Texas)
  • Gleaning Network UK: salvages fresh produce & distributes to people in need. (United Kingdom)
  • Love Thy Neighbor: feeds the hungry; provides culinary skills career training to homeless people. (Fort Lauderdale)
  • MANNA: delivers therapeutic meals to those who are battling chronic illnesses. (Pennsylvania)
  • Meals on Wheels: delivers meals to seniors. (United States)
  • The Nashville Food Project: grows organic food; shares resources for growing food; claims donated and recovered food; prepares and distributes meals to those in need. (Nashville)
  • Rescuing Leftover Cuisine: rescues leftover food & donates to homeless shelters. (United States)
  • Society of St. Andrew (SoSA): gathers left-behind & unmarketable produce at farms; distributes to those in need; serves food pantries & soup kitchens. (United States)
  • World Food Programme: aims to end hunger. (International)
  • Families USA: aims to “achieve high-quality, comprehensive, and affordable health care for all Americans”. (United States)
  • National Health Service Corps: supports primary care providers & medical centers in underserved communities. (United States)
  • NJ for Healthcare: advocates for comprehensive & affordable health care for New Jerseyans. (New Jersey)
  • Patients for Affordable Drugs: aims to “fight to lower drug prices”. (United States)
Indigenous peoples
LGBTQ+ community
  • Black & Pink: pen pal program to connect LGBTQ+ prisoners & free world allies who support each other. (United States)
  • Everyone is Gay: provides support for LGBTQ+ youth by providing advice and fostering dialogue. (United States)
  • Familia: Trans Queer Liberation Movement: advocates for LGBTQ+ Latinx communities. (United States)
  • The GALIP Foundation: Christian ministry supporting the LGBTQ+ community & allies; provides a directory of LGBTQ+ affirming denominations & churches. (United States & Canada)
  • Gender Spectrum: aims to “create gender sensitive & inclusive environments for children & teens”. (United States)
  • Q Christian Fellowship: Christian ministry supporting the LGBTQ+ community & allies. (International)
LGBTQ+ rights
Mental health
Non-renewable energy
People of color (POC)
  • Black Coffee Justice: aims to “fight for the equity and advocate for massive board change to end oppressive criminalization, prejudice, & discrimination among the black and other oppressed communities.” (United States)
  • Black Lives Matter: aims to “to eradicate white supremacy and build local power to intervene in violence inflicted on Black communities by the state and vigilantes”. (United States)
  • Black Youth Project: Black youth organization dedicated to mobilizing young Black people to work towards creating justice and freedom for all Black people. (United States)
  • Black-Led Movement Fund: collaborative and pooled donor fund established by the Ford Foundation & anonymous donors to support philanthropic & field-building activities that strengthen the next generation of social justice leaders. (United States)
  • Color of Change: aims for racial justice. (United States)
  • FIERCE: organization for “building the leadership & power of LGBTQ youth of color”. (New York City)
  • The Movement for Black Lives:
  • Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ): organizes white people to fight racism & stand up for racial justice. (United States)
  • Voices of Colour: youth-led platform for discussing race related issues by & for young people of colour. (United Kingdom)
Public safety
Reproductive rights
  • Doggone Safe: aims to prevent dog bites. (United States)
  • Safe Kids: aims to keep children safe from various risks that could otherwise cause preventable harm. (International)
Social justice
Women’s health
  • Global Fund for Women: advocates for human rights of women and girls around the world. (International)
  • Seeds of Fortune: helps women of color with college scholarships, career and financial management skills. (United States)
  • Women With A Vision: aims to improve the lives of marginalized women, families & communities. (New Orleans)

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