Health Care Coverage

Health Insurance offers information on obtaining health insurance.

The Health Insurance Marketplace offers health insurance options for individuals and small businesses. To enroll, sign up during the open enrollment period, which typically runs from early November to mid December. You may be able to sign up or to change your plan at another time under special circumstances.

Health Care Sharing Ministry

A health care sharing ministry is an organization in which members pay for one another’s healthcare costs. Members typically pay a monthly fee, then submits medical bills. The organization then decides, on a case-by-case basis, which medical expenses to pay for.

Each organization will have different eligibility requirements. Some may ask you to affirm a particular statement of faith. Some may expect you to be active within a church community. Some may expect that you will live according to certain moral principles. Some may expect you to abstain from certain practices, and may refuse to cover healthcare costs related to these forbidden practices.

As these aren’t traditional health insurance plans, they aren’t governed by the rules that regulate traditional health insurance. A health care sharing ministry has the right to refuse to cover medical expenses that traditional health insurance might have paid for. However, for some people, the costs of monthly payments and out-of-pocket expenses may be lower with a healthcare sharing ministry than with traditional health insurance.

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