Do Something

There are so many places to get involved at this point. First and foremost, find things locally: we are going to have to work inside our communities.

That said, here are some general resources:

Action calls

5 Calls: calling guide with brief info about the issues, people to call, phone numbers, call scripts, and next steps after calling.

Attrition Coalition: daily action item and event calendar.

Daily Action: sign-up for daily action alerts to fight extremism.

ELCA Advocacy: Advocacy Action Center: action alerts. By the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).

The Episcopal Public Policy Network (EPPN): Take Action: action alerts. By The Episcopal Church (TEC).

#FightTrump: sign-up for daily, weekly, or monthly calls to action.

Five Minute Resistance: daily call to action.

Flippable: Act Now: daily call to action.

My Civic Workout: sign-up for emails several times per week with 5-minute, 10-minute & 30-minute “civic workouts”.

#OperationCyouNextTuesday: weekly action steps.

Project 1460: various action steps.

Re:Act: sign-up for weekly email with action steps.

Rogan’s List: sign up for a daily email with a list of 5-10 action items, or just check in at the blog for each day’s list.

Suit Up Nation: Calls to Action: calls to action for social justice & human rights advocacy.

#WallOfUs: Weekly Acts of Resistance: four weekly action steps.

Weekly Actions to Resist Trump: one call action & one financial action to take every week.

Weekly Action Checklist for Democrats, Independents, and Republicans of Conscience: weekly list of people to call & things to do.

“We’re His Problem Now” calling guide: weekly action step, along with a list of federal elected officials for each state & territory, with contact information & suggested call scripts for key issues.

What Do I Do About Trump?: Calls to Action: various action steps.

Contact your representatives

Common Cause: Find Your Elected Officials: find your federal & state legislators by address.

Resistbot: write letters to Congress, sent by fax, by text message.

Vote with your wallet

DoneGood: finds alternatives to what you buy that are ethical, are ‘green’/eco-friendly, are locally-sourced, support workers, support diversity, and/or give back to the community.

Boycotts & buycotts

Boycott Trump app: find businesses with connections to Donald Trump. By the Democratic Coalition Against Trump.

The Donald J. Trump Resistance: boycott of companies whose founders, owners, and/or company executives are prominent supporters of Donald Trump.

#GrabYourWallet: boycott of companies whose owners do business with the Trump family and/or support Donald Trump, with contact information & call script to let these companies know about your boycott, plus ‘Trump-free alternative’ companies to support.

Injustice Boycott: boycott of “cities, states, businesses, and institutions which are either willfully indifferent to police brutality and racial injustice or are deliberately destructive partners with it.”

Standing for Kaepernick: protest & boycott of the National Football League (NFL) in support of football player Colin Kaepernick.

#WatchPaintDry (Facebook & Twitter): boycott of the 2017 Presidential Inauguration by artists live-streaming artistic content for people to watch during the inauguration.

Corporate action

AdStrike (Twitter): ready-made templates for asking brands to remove ads from hateful websites via social media & tools to automate the process of contacting them.

Backers of Hate: campaign that targets major corporations which “stand to profit from Trump’s hateful agenda”.

#FireHannity & Hannity Advertisers: campaigns to call on companies to stop advertising on media programs by Sean Hannity.

Sleeping Giants (Facebook & Twitter): campaign with a running list of companies who’ve removed their ads from hateful websites, and a guide to contacting companies who haven’t yet.

Stop Funding Hate (Facebook & Twitter): campaign to persuade companies & organizations to remove ads from select publications which publish content that spreads hate.

Fight hate & injustice

Airport Protests Against the Muslim Ban: protests against the proposed Muslim ban at airports across the United States.

#NoBanNoWallNoRaids: supports resistance efforts that oppose policies which target communities of color, immigrants & refugees.

Opportunities for White People in the Fight for Racial Justice: ways to help & different levels of support for the cause.

Safety Pin Box: a monthly subscription box for white people striving to be allies in the fight for racial justice.

Sickened by the Election Results? Don’t wring your hands — organize!: sign-up for ‘white people of conscience’ interested in organizing. By Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ).

Ten Ways to Fight Hate: A Community Response Guide: resource from the Southern Poverty Law Center.

United Against the Muslim Ban: actions to take, ally activities, and communities to support that oppose the proposed Muslim ban.

Other ways to help

Advocacy & Organizing: helpful guides for advocacy, organizing, outreach, and getting things done.

Civic & Political Causes: movements & campaigns to support political reforms & progressive causes.

Organizations to Support: offer time, donate money, volunteer and/or provide resources to support progressive causes.

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