Conflict Resolution

Alternatives to policing

What To Do Instead of Calling the Police: lots of resources. Some of them are pretty theoretical, but others are concrete and useful. Especially recommended are resources by INCITE!.

Community safety

A Practical Guide to Stop Interpersonal Violence (Creative Interventions Toolkit) – Staying Safe includes concerns, plans and actions all meant to minimize the current, potential and future levels of harm or increase the level of safety.

Safer Party Toolkit: Toolkit for preventing & addressing different types of violence at parties. By The Audre Lorde Project, The SOS Collective, and The Safe Neighborhood Campaign.

The Revolution Starts at Home: (an updated version has recently been published, but this version is still pretty solid) community accountability, experiences of folks who’ve survived intimate partner violence in radical community, etc. Definitely applicable to other kinds of in-community violence.

Crisis response

Navigating Crisis: Crisis response toolkit for people with mental health problems. By The Icarus Project.

Intervention & de-escalation

A Practical Web Tutorial to Bystander Intervention and De-Escalation Tactics: various techniques for confronting & de-escalating harassment, intimidation and violence.

De-escalation and Intervention: Resources: collection of resources with strategies for de-escalation & intervention.

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