Civic & Political Causes

A selection of civic & political causes that may be of interest.

General elections

Code Blue: aims to “rebuild a progressive voting majority in federal, state and local government”.

Flippable: aims to “turn America blue” by building a movement to elect “blue” (Democrat) candidates in “red” (Republican) areas.

Our Revolution: supports political action, candidates & ballot initiatives to advance progressive causes at the federal, state & local levels. Launched by Bernie Sanders in mid-2016.

Progressive Change Campaign Committee: supports candidates to advance progressive causes at the federal, state, and local levels.

Sister District: pairs safe blue districts with vulnerable blue or swing districts in close geographical proximity so that activists in each pair can best harness their money, time, and manpower resources against the effects of Republican gerrymandering at the local level.

Vote Common Good: mobilizes people of faith to support, to vote for, and to campaign for, progressive candidates and causes.

Presidential elections

National Popular Vote: supports a bill to guarantee that the Presidency will be chosen by the candidate who receives the most popular votes in all 50 states & in Washington, D.C.

Congressional elections (House & Senate)

Brand New Congress: recruits & campaigns for hundreds of candidates for Congress who support progressive causes, running for office from the 2018 election cycle onward.

Swing Left: organizes teams to support ‘swing districts’, protect Democrat victories & flip Republican districts, with a goal of progressives taking control of the House of Representatives.

State & local elections

The Resurgent Left: aims to “flip state legislatures blue” by electing progressive candidates, and to fight against gerrymandering.

Civic engagement

Postcards for America: campaign to send state postcards with comments & concerns to members of Congress.

Rapid Resist: organizes rapid response for action events & puts pressure on “targeted lawmakers” to resist the Trump agenda.

Resistance Recess: prepares for town halls to be held during the Congressional Recess period; organizes “constituent town halls” when members of Congress fail to hold their own. By MoveOn.

Town Hall Project: finds public events with members of Congress.

Improving democracy

Common Cause: advocates for democracy reforms.

Geometry of Redistricting: training to fight gerrymandering & support fair redistricting with mathematics & law. By the Metric Geometry and Gerrymandering Group at Tufts University.

Participatory Budgeting Project: aims to increase community involvement with public budget decisions at the municipal, county, and state levels.

RISE When We Fall: citizen watchdog to monitor federal, state & local government, and to support progressive causes.

Reaching across the political divide

Better Angels: “bipartisan citizen’s movement to unify our divided nation [by] building new ways to talk to one another, participate together in public life, and influence the direction of the nation”.

Purple Living Room Project: organizes small group gatherings for “finding common ground, one conversation at a time”.

Get Out The Vote (GOTV) campaigns

ACLU People Power: Let People Vote: for voting rights.

Rock the Vote: for voting rights, voter registration, and advocacy.

Spread the Vote: for debunking the “voter fraud” myth & fighting against voter suppression.

Campaigns & petitions

Petitions.WhiteHouse.Gov – We the People: Your Voice in Our Government: official White House petitions site.

ACLU Action: to defend civil liberties & support progressive causes.

Church World Service: #GreaterAs1: Act: in support of welcoming refugees, immigrants, and asylum seekers.

CREDO Action: for a range of progressive causes.

Daily Kos Campaigns: for a range of progressive causes.

Demand Progress Campaigns: for a range of progressive causes.

EFF Action: to protect digital rights.

Environmental Defense Fund: Take Action: to protect the environment.

Faithful America: Campaigns: Christian activism in support of progressive causes & social justice.

Free Press: Take Action: in support of a free & open Internet, curbing media consolidation, and protecting press freedom.

League of Conservation Voters: Take Action: to protect the environment.

League of Women Voters: Take Action: for a fair and just democracy. for a range of progressive causes.

National Wildlife Federation: Action Fund: to protect the environment.

NOW National Action Program: for a range of progressive causes.

Rock the Vote: Action Center: for voting rights & social justice.

Sierra Club: Take Action: to protect the environment.

Ultraviolet ActionCampaigns & Share Center: to fight sexism, support gender equality & expand women’s rights.

Political Action Committees (PACs) & Super-PACs

Americans for Responsible Solutions: advocates for responsible gun control whilst respecting the Second Amendment.

Democracy for America (DFA): aims to “take our democracy back from corporations and the wealthy few and aggressively combat growing income inequality”.

National Organization for Women Political Action Committee (NOW PAC): supports progressive causes of interest to women.

Organizing For Action (OFA): supports progressive change & the political platform of President Barack Obama.

Awareness movements

Pantsuit Nation: aims to harness the power of collective storytelling to support diversity, inspire action & spark progressive change.

Activist movements

Bread for the Day: Activist Corner: aims to change “policies, programs, and conditions that allow hunger and poverty to persist”.

People Power: “effort to engage grassroots volunteers across the country and take the fight against Donald Trump’s policies not just into the courts, but into the streets”. By the ACLU.

This Is My Oath: oath to defend the civil rights of Americans & steps to take action to support progressive causes.

#ResistTrump: Resist Here: actions, tools & resources to fight against the Trump agenda. By the Working Families Party.

70 Million: provides “resources and methods for activism, volunteerism and awareness” to support progressive causes.

Political movements

Action Together Network: local, state & national groups collaborating & organizing to campaign for positive change.

Emergency Community Meetings: local meetings for community members to fight for progressive change.

Indivisible: Local Groups: local groups employing Indivisible Guide tactics to “resist the Trump agenda”.

Together We Will: local groups that fight for democracy, legal rights, civil liberties & progressive change.


Resistance School: a “practical training program” to “sharpen the tools communities need to organize and make sustained change that advances values of fairness, equality, and inclusivity”.

Organizing tools

The Action Network: organizing tools for allies & activism.

Amplify: “a tool that helps grassroots groups take action”.

Unite Blue: aims to “connect the left with messaging, community building, technology, and organizing”.

WTDM Platform: “social community organizing tools”.

Events & opportunities

Action Events: 1 Day Without Us · A Day Without A Woman · ACT Now: Unite to End Racism · Break Bread Not Families · Concert Across America to End Gun Violence · Demand the Ban · #Enough: National School Walkout · Fire The Fool · #GradTaxWalkout · Impeachment March · International Women’s Strike · March for Black Women · March for Meals · March for Our Lives · March for Racial Justice · March for Science · March for Truth · Million Woman March · Millions Marching for Medicare 4 All · Ministers March for Justice · National School Walkout · Native Nations Rise · “Nobody Is Above the Law” Rally · People’s Climate Movement · People’s Motorcade · Stop the #GOPTaxScam · Stop Trump Coalition · Strike4Democracy · Tax March · Tenant March · Un Día Sin Inmigrantes · Women’s March · Women Strike

Petitions & Pledges: Faith Voices · #IAmStillIn · Not One Penny · Reclaiming Jesus · The Declaration

Statements: The Atlanta Covenant · The Boston Declaration · The Charlottesville Declaration · Christians United · A Liturgists Statement · Reclaiming Jesus · Statement on God’s Justice

Resist and Protest: Event List & Event Map: local resistance events.

The Resistance Calendar: local resistance events.

Rise Stronger: The People’s Calendar: “find town halls, rallies, protests, meetings” locally.

What Do We Do?: “the hub for tracking the anti-Trump movement”.

Regional movements

NYC: Anti Trump Masterpost: ongoing events & organizing in NYC.

Stand Central NJ: Grassroots Directory: grassroots organizations in the central New Jersey area.

Take Action NYC: NYC area events & resources for activism.

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