Other Guides and How-Tos

A selection of relevant guides & resources.

General advice & preparations

Concrete Suggestions in Preparation for January 2017’s change in American government / Sugerencias concretas en preparación para Enero 2017: advice sorted by demographic issue.

Okay, Fine. Here’s What You Should Do Post-Election: action steps to prepare for potentially destructive policies in a range of areas.

Rebel Well: A Starter Survival Guide To A Trumped America: multi-issue guide for various things to consider, sorted by demographic issue. Focused on teens, but applicable to everyone.

Caring for yourself

A Self-Care Checklist for Surviving the Holidays: “plan your self-care so that you can enjoy the upcoming holidays to their fullest”.

Breaking Isolation: Self Care and Community Care Tools for our People: wellness for LGBT+ / people of color.

Forming Solidarity Networks: types of solidarity networks, why they are important, and how to build them.

Holiday Survival Guide: for dealing with holiday challenges.

How to #StayOutraged Without Losing Your Mind: Self-Care Lessons for the Resistance: advice from organizers & activists.

How women of color are practicing self-care in a Trump world: strategies for self-care from women of color.

Manage Election-Related Stress Information: strategies for self-care & coping with election-related stress.

Self-Care as Resistance: self-care for difficult times.

Self-Care Tips for Those Who Are Terrified of Trump’s Presidency: tips for coping with negative emotions.

What to Do When Things Get Exciting: guide to prepare for & handle emergency situations.

Caring for children

Helping Children to Process Acts of Terrorism: “[…] some guidelines that can help children cope.”

Helping Kids Process the Election Aftermath: How To Talk To Kids About the Election and the Aftermath: a compilation of advice for discussing election results & related matters with children.

How to Raise Tiny Activists: advice for how to teach children about civic issues & encourage their political engagement.

Difficult discussions

A Guide to Arguing With a Snopes-Denier: “[…] it’s very hard to combat such willful ignorance. Hard, but not impossible.”

A Handy Self-Care Guide For When Politics Come Up At Thanksgiving: “expert-backed ways to practice self-care around family members you may disagree with on politics”.

A Useful List of Neutral Topics to Discuss at Thanksgiving Dinner: “subject[s] that everyone can participate in, but which nobody can reasonably get angry about.”

Guide to Respectful Discussions: “create a space where individuals can express their opinions honestly, and where the feelings of the group are valued and protected”.

How to Argue Fairly and Without Rancor (Hello Thanksgiving!): how to “communicate without rancor or faulty reasoning with someone who has an opposing viewpoint, with the hope of broadening one’s understanding of people and ideas”.

How to make conservatives liberal, according to a Yale psychologist: “[…] making people feel completely safe can (temporarily) change their politics and make them more liberal”.

How to talk to your loved ones about a Trump Presidency: how to “‘come get your people’ and do your part in making change in the communities you have access to”.

How to Win Your Next Political Argument: “Hard as it may be to believe, you can actually win these arguments. Here’s how.”

I grew up in the Westboro Baptist Church. Here’s why I left: “[…] In this extraordinary talk, [Megan Phelps-Roper] shares her personal experience of extreme polarization, along with some sharp ways we can learn to successfully engage across ideological lines.”

Liberals are terrible at arguing with conservatives. Here’s how they can get better.: “If you want to argue with people who don’t think like you, you have to figure out how they think.”

Surviving Holiday Get-Togethers with Family “Trumpnuts”: “If you think you’re better than Trump — more moral, more just, more compassionate, more sane — then be better than Trump.”

The Simple Psychological Trick to Political Persuasion: people are more likely to agree with an opposing political viewpoint “if the message is ‘morally reframed’ to suit their values”.

Your Guide to Dealing With Uncle Bob: a “holiday survival guide” to “deal with your right-wing relatives over the holidays”.

Standing against tyranny

5 Spiritual Survival Strategies in the Trump Era: “the roots for resistance that can be spiritually sustained for the long run”.

Autocracy: Rules for Survival: advice to prevent normalization of autocracy & bigotry, and fight to defend civil rights & freedoms.

Time to Fight Like Hell: on fighting “the threat of authoritarianism”.

We’re heading into dark times. This is how to be your own light in the Age of Trump: “preparing to live like a nation of dissidents”.

What you — yes, you — can do to save America from tyranny: steps to take, learning lessons from history, to fight against tyranny.

Taking action

4 positive ways to take action after Trump’s victory: action steps to support progressive ideals & social progress.

7 extremely useful sites and apps to help you organize in Trump’s America: to aid in working together & taking action.

Activism in America Handout: step-by-step guide to choosing causes & engaging in action to support them.

An Introduction to Effective Altruism: how to ‘do good’ through causes, ethical careers, and charities.


We’ve Got a Month Until Inauguration Day. Here’s What We Can Do Right Now.: “Here is what to do: Stand up and defend those most at risk at this crucial moment in America’s political history.”

Resistance Is Patriotic—and Christian: A 6-Point Strategy: “a strategy to block dangerous and destructive public practices and policies and turn public opinion against them”.

Active outreach

A Quick Guide to Getting Involved at the Local Level: ways to get involved with city governance & local affairs.

How to effectively talk to your member of Congress: suggestions from a former Congressional staffer.

How to Host a Political Letter-Writing Party: advice for hosting an event to write letters to government officials & representatives.

Publish Letters to the Editor: how to write effective op-eds & letters to the editor and get them published. By the Friends Committee on National Legislation.

What to Call Your Reps About: A Topic List: suggested topics & concerns to discuss with government representatives.

Community organizing

Community Tool Box: tools for taking action, building & working with community groups. By the Work Group for Community Health and Development at the University of Kansas.

#DisruptJ20: Organizing Resources: resources used by & for #DisruptJ20 & Resist This in organizing efforts.

Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda: guide to “making Congress listen”. By former Congressional staffers.

Unite: A Practical Guide for Using Social Media To Build Groups For Action: guide to grassroots organizing using social media.

Constructive response

5 Ways You Can Fight Back Against Donald Trump: why it’s important to take action & how to get involved.

It’s Time to Fight: information on current issues at home & abroad.

What Can I Do?: ways to promote & support progressive causes.

What Do I Do About Trump?: how to get involved with activism.

Direct action

How to Prepare for August 12 (and action in general): guide to direct action, preparing for action, and ways to help.

Legal Guide for J20 Protesters: federal & local legal process in Washington, D.C. and what to do in case of arrest.

Finding resources

Pantsuit Resources: resources for self-care, learning about various issues & taking action for progressive change.

Resource List: collection of various resources.

Stay Nasty America: state-by-state resources & organizations that support progressive causes.

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