Immigration Issues and Documents

Above all else, keep you and your family safe. Immigration is complicated and if you intersect with the immigration system in the US, you already know this. Please do not make any big decisions solely on the basis of something you are reading here; better to reach out to the resources we are linking to.

DACA and Law Enforcement Qs:

Here is a list of recommendations from the National Immigrant Justice Center: What to Do Next to Protect Immigrant Communities (in English) / Lo Que Sigue Para Proteger A Las Comunidades Inmigrantes (en Español).

Highlights include: do not file an initial DACA application; if you have DACA, do not apply for advance parole; if you have advance parole get back to the US by the inauguration on 1/20/17. This stuff gets complicated fast and it is best to consult a lawyer.

Here are recommendations from the Legal Aid Society: Advisory from Legal Aid’s Immigration Unit.

Here’s a resource from the Catholic Legal Immigration Network: How to Prepare for Changes in the Presidential  Administration.

Know Your Rights en español: ¡Conozca sus derechos! (PDF)

Here’s a guide from Make The Road NYC in English/en Español: mrny-daca-eng-and-span

Immigrant Defense Project/El Proyecto de Defensa al Inmigrante:  212.725.6422 (English, probablemente español)

Immigrant Defense Project/El Proyecto de Defensa al Inmigrante: Know Your Rights With ICE/¡Entérate tus derechos!


For people who are able to prove NYC residency: consider the IDNYC program

From their website: “IDNYC secures the peace of mind and access to City services that come from having recognized identification. IDNYC benefits every city resident, including the most vulnerable communities—the homeless, youth, the elderly, undocumented immigrants, the formerly incarcerated and others who may have difficulty obtaining other government-issued ID”

A driver’s license for undocumented residents, cannot be used as an ID but you can use it to drive legally. I’m not sure if you have to prove residency I think you just need a valid foreign passport.

  • Consider getting married and filing for permanent resident status ASAP.

Immigration takes marriage fraud very seriously. You will be intensely questioned about your relationship and have to prove co-mingling of finances, living together, and other traditional signs of marriage. This process is slow and expensive but starting it may afford some protections, or you may be in the clear if you’re already in the system/process of receiving one.


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