Staying Informed

Keep track of the news

Just The Facts & Quick News – fact-based summaries of key issues, at an elementary reading level. By Action Together New Jersey.

Pod Save America: progressive podcast about U.S. national politics.

What The Fuck Just Happened Today?: daily summary of major events with links to relevant news articles.

Verify & fact check non-profit & non-partisan political fact checker. By the Annenberg Public Policy Center.

Is Trump at Mar-a-Lago? & Is Trump at Bedminster?: verifies whether Donald Trump is currently staying at select properties which he owns, how much has been spent by his staying at these properties, and what that money could have otherwise paid for.

OpenSecrets: investigates “money in U.S. politics and its effect on elections and public policy”. By the Center for Responsive Politics.

PolitiFact: independent fact checker for statements by politicians & government leaders. By the Tampa Bay Times.

  • PunditFact: independent fact checker for statements by political commentators & journalists. By the Tampa Bay Times.

Real Donald Context: Web browser extensions (for Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox) & social media accounts (Facebook & Twitter) to fact check Donald Trump’s tweets. By the Washington Post.

Snopes: Fact Checks: fact checks on various subjects.

Trump’s Lies: a catalogue of outright lies told by Donald Trump since his taking public office. By the New York Times.

Tracking disinformation & propaganda campaigns:

Sort real news from fake “news”

10 Journalism Brands Where You Find Real Facts Rather Than Alternative Facts: “where to find some form of truth in our media today”. By Forbes.

False, Misleading, Clickbait-y, and/or Satirical “News” Sources: how to analyze news sources, recognize & avoid unreliable sources that are false, misleading, clickbait-y, and/or satirical.

Here’s How to Outsmart Fake News in Your Facebook Feed: different types of fake & misleading “news” and how to identify them. Links to lists of known fake “news” sites. By CNN.

How to Spot Fake NewsThat Chain E-mail Your Friend Sent to You Is (Likely) Bogus. Seriously.: how to recognize false and/or misleading fake “news” stories & chain letters. By, a project of The Annenberg Public Policy Center.

Learning To Spot Fake News: Start With A Gut Check: how to recognize fake news by “thinking like fact-checkers”. By NPR.

None Shall Make Them Afraid: 5 Virtues of Responsible News Consumption: “an alternative to the newsfeed of fear in the way that we read, tell, and embody stories”. By Sojourners.

The Media Crisis, Explained & Media Literacy Primer: explains the media crisis as well as how to “determine what information is true and what information is false”. By Activism for Non-Activists.

Tips to Spot False News: Key features to look out for in order to recognize & report fake news. By Facebook.

Domestic & international affairs

Affordable Care Act (ACA)–Obamacare:

Antifa (militant anti-fascist movement):

Common Core standards:

Gun violence:

Russian interference:

A Timely Guide to the North Korea Crisis: “an overview of The New York Times’s coverage of the events as they have unfolded so far”.

Searching for Syria: “exploring the world’s top questions about the Syrian refugee crisis”. By the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR).

Books & films

About women & society:

About race & ethnicity:

That celebrate diversity & inclusivity:

That support activism & social justice:

Relevant readings

25 Books in Our Resistance Library: fiction & non-fiction books exploring activism, social issues, faith, and politics. By Sojourners.

American Democracy Under Threat?: A Syllabus: readings about various areas that may be negatively affected by the Trump administration. By the Columbia University learn-in team.

HOPE not Hate investigations & special reports:

Trump Syllabus 2.0: “An introduction to the currents of American culture that led to ‘Trumpism'”. By Public Books.

Planning for a Trump Administration When You're Not A Straight Rich White Dude