Things To Do Now: The TL;DR Checklist

Some things to act on in response to the 2016 election result:

    • Start practicing sticking up for yourself & each other. Reports of attacks on people of color, the LGBTQ+ community, minorities, and those perceived to be from other countries are on the rise in a big way. How will you stick up for yourself? How will you intervene if you see injustice?
    • Get a passport if you haven’t got one. Sort out any immigration matters if you are not a citizen or permanent resident.
    • Visit healthcare providers for all medical, dental, family planning, and preventative care needs.
    • If you’re transgender, decide on your legal gender, if you haven’t, and consider what option(s) make the most sense with regard to your gender markers. Congruency will help.
    • Protect your family, especially if it’s not a two-married-parents-of-a biological-offspring family. Figure out what non-traditional family stabilization measurers, such as second parent adoption, that you may need to consider.
    • Consult lawyers. Prepare appropriate legal documents, including key power of attorney (POA) & wills.

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