Things To Do Now: The TL;DR Checklist

Some things to act on in response to the 2016 election result:

    • Start practicing sticking up for yourself & each other. Reports of attacks on people of color, the LGBTQ+ community, religious minorities, and those perceived to be from other countries are on the rise in a big way. How will you stick up for yourself? How will you intervene if you see injustice? For some of us, these have never been abstract questions. Make sure you have answers.
    • Get a passport if you haven’t got one, and be thoughtful about your relationship to the immigration system if you are not a citizen or permanent resident. If you want to change your gender marker on your passport, do it before Obama’s executive order making it easy is repealed. Learn more.
    • Trump and the GOP have said repeatedly they want to repeal or substantively change the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare). No one knows yet what these changes will be, but they will likely roll back some of the more progressive aspects of this care. Visit healthcare providers for all health, dental, family planning, and preventative care needs immediately. Especially if it’s been a while.
    • If you’re trans, make decisions with regards to your legal gender, if you haven’t, and consider what makes the most sense with regards to your gender markers. Congruency will help here. Remember: gender choice is an imperfect strategy. Don’t expect this to feel good; it is a survival strategy.
    • Protect your family if it’s not a two-married-parents-of-a biological-offspring-family. Second parent adoption and other non-traditional family issues are likely to be up in the air. Visit lawyers. Think about key power of attorney (POA) & wills.

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